The business continuity challenge

The business continuity challenge

Finding the sweet spot between protecting and enabling the business The ever-changing threat landscape reveals new vulnerabilities every day, which leads organizations to harden their security posture to avoid potential harm.
The Evolution of Security Posture Management

The Evolution of Security Posture Management

It's not easy to be trusted with the organization's security. Being behind the steering wheel of cybersecurity operations but with limited ability to turn it and control it.
Create a simplified security management experience

Create a simplified security management experience

"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take ...

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Product Overview

Maximize security posture while ensuring business uptime


Connect Veriti with your security solutions

Validate Risk Posture

Identify security gaps by using efficient querying

Eliminate False Positives

Reduce alert fatigue. Increase Security Effectiveness

Maintain Cyber Hygiene

Monitor the hygiene of your security solutions

Risk based mitigation

Prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities

Enhance zero-day Protection

Identify and distribute zero-day indicators of attack


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