Veriti is a consolidated security platform that integrates with the security stack to continually and proactively monitor exposure to threats, and remediate security gaps across the organization’s infrastructure and attack surface.

Augment and amplify your security teams’ efforts in reducing risk, and maximizing the security posture while ensuring business uptime.

understand your risk exposure

Optimize enterprise security posture by correlating security configuration, logs, vulnerability data, and sensor telemetry of your security solutions to proactively identify both postural gaps and adverse impacts to business applications.

Take inform​ed security decisionS

​Leverage predictive and trailing analytics to determine how to approach risks and the best ways to mitigate them ​ ​

Balance your security posture ​

Maximize both security posture and business uptime using machine-learning and business-impact prediction models, to determine the risk level of every actionable insight‭.‬

Reduce operational friction ​

Following the same tedious security tasks increases workload and ultimately employee burnout. Amplify your security teams’ efficiency with continuous analysis, risk-based insights and find the admissible evidence for every incident. All without significant manual oversight​​ ​

Don’t Respond late. Automate. ​​

Automated analysis of security stack posture and use to create actionable insights that identify potential misconfigurations and security gaps, find the root cause and remediate them before any business outage or security event occurs.

Integrated with your favorite security solution​

Align all disparate cross-vendor security solutions, to a unified security posture management platform, including complete visibility to the entire security estate, mapping of all security assets, their preventative maintenance level and relevant vulnerabilities​

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Product Overview

Maximize security posture while ensuring business uptime


Connect Veriti with your security solutions

Validate Risk Posture

Identify security gaps by using efficient querying

Eliminate False Positives

Reduce alert fatigue. Increase Security Effectiveness

Maintain Cyber Hygiene

Monitor the hygiene of your security solutions

Risk based mitigation

Prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities

Enhance zero-day Protection

Identify and distribute zero-day indicators of attack


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