the cybersecurity efficiency challenge

Learn about the operational downsides of deploying an excessive amount of security solutions

Managing the entire security estate has become increasingly complex and error-prone. The security organization need to overcome a proliferation of dashboards, information, alerts and complex investigations across siloed solutions in order to manage security and respond effectively to threats.

According to a 2020 IBM survey
• organizations are using an average of 45 different solutions
• Responding to incident required coordination across 19 different tools

Download the full infographic to learn how to break the cycle of inefficiency

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Maximize security posture while ensuring business uptime


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Validate Risk Posture

Identify postural gaps by querying your security configuration

Eliminate False Positives

Reduce alert fatigue. Increase Security Effectiveness

Maintain Cyber Hygiene

Monitor the hygiene of your security solutions

Risk based mitigation

Prioritize and virtually patch vulnerabilities

Enhance zero-day Protection

Identify and distribute zero-day indicators of attack


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