Security Posture

A False Sense of Security  

A False Sense of Security  

When there is a discrepancy between what we know and what we see, we tend to choose the incorrect one.   We have bought enough security solutions to protect us from what is lurking in the abyss. We know we are protected. How couldn’t we be? We have fortified...



Nothing is certain except death and cyber-attacks. Adversaries keep finding new, innovative ways to exploit vulnerabilities. It seems like there hasn't been a single day without hearing or reading about a major cyber-attack or breach. Indeed, cyber-attacks have become...

The future of consolidated security platforms‭ ‬

The future of consolidated security platforms‭ ‬

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt That’s the reality we live in. In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, the fear of cyber threats is a constant reality. We all know adversaries keep finding new ways to breach even the most well-protected organizations. It’s a known...

Continuous Threat Exposure Management Program

Continuous Threat Exposure Management Program

Security organizations and the threat exposure challenge  Digital transformation and technological advancements continue to shape the modern business landscape. This trend introduces increasing challenges in security organizations in managing their threat...

Fighting Cybercrime with AI

Fighting Cybercrime with AI

about fate and free will In the short story "The Minority Report," sci-fi author Philip K. Dick presents three precog mutants who have the power to predict crimes yet to be committed. In the future described, precrime officers apprehend and detain potential offenders...

The Evolution of Security Posture Management

The Evolution of Security Posture Management

It’s not easy to be trusted with the organization’s security. Being behind the steering wheel of cybersecurity operations but with limited ability to turn it and control it.

Create a simplified security management experience

Create a simplified security management experience

"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."  When talking about security posture of the entire organization's infrastructures, we must start with the all-too-human endless will to knowledge. It...

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Maximize security posture while ensuring business uptime


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Identify security gaps by using efficient querying

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Prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities

Enhance zero-day Protection

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