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Veriti is a unified security posture management platform that integrates with the entire security stack and proactively identifies and remediates potential risks to maximize security while ensuring business uptime.

Optimize security controls to address immediate risks without impacting business applications

Remediate security gaps and misconfigurations before they are exploited


Amplify efficiency by providing a single security management platform to automatically analyze, triage, and remediate postural gaps

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we can hone in and get actionable insights within minutes in how we can correct misconfigurations

“we can hone in and get actionable insights within minutes in how we can correct misconfigurations”

Paul Warnagiris, Founder and CEO

The Teneo Group

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Pre-Breach Hardening

Complete Visibility

Increased ROI

Product Overview

Maximize security posture while ensuring business uptime


Connect Veriti with your security solutions

Validate Risk Posture

Identify postural gaps by querying your security configuration

Eliminate False Positives

Reduce alert fatigue. Increase Security Effectiveness

Maintain Cyber Hygiene

Monitor the hygiene of your security solutions

Risk based mitigation

Prioritize and virtually patch vulnerabilities

Enhance zero-day Protection

Identify and distribute zero-day indicators of attack


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