How to Manage Threat Exposure Management 

by | Jan 22, 2024

There is no mistaking that Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) or Threat Exposure Management (TEM) is an essential strategy for modern organizations. Threat exposure management is a comprehensive approach that moves beyond the limitations of periodic reviews, instead advocating for an uninterrupted vigilance that adjusts as quickly as new threats emerge. 

Why Organizations Are Embracing Threat Exposure Management 

With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, rapid, and readily available, the traditional, static approach to cybersecurity is no longer viable. Organizations are embracing threat exposure management to gain a proactive stance, continuously monitoring for exposures, evaluating exploitability of security gaps, and adapting their defenses in real-time to manage threats effectively. This shift ensures operational continuity and aligns cybersecurity measures with business objectives. 

The Core Elements of Threat Exposure Management 

Threat exposure management involves an agile loop of identifying, analyzing, and addressing security exposures. It requires a system that can: 

  • Monitor continuously for new exposures from the OS level and up. 
  • Identify the exploitability of security gaps promptly. 
  • Optimize the security posture by integrating defense layers effectively. 
  • Customize mitigation strategies to fit specific operational and business needs. 
  • Preempt potential threats with informed precision. 

Veriti’s Role in Enhancing CTEM 

Veriti’s platform aligns perfectly with the CTEM framework, offering a security control optimizationV solution that transforms how organizations handle threat exposure. 

  • Proactive Monitoring and Identification: Veriti’s continuous monitoring capabilities ensure that organizations are always aware of new and existing exposures. 
  • Exploitability Assessment: By identifying the exploitability of security gaps, Veriti provides the intelligence needed to prioritize responses. 
  • Security Posture Optimization: Veriti optimizes the security posture by integrating various layers of defense and making sure they are configured correctly. 
  • Customized Mitigation Strategies: Veriti avoids the pitfalls of one-size-fits-all solutions by customizing actions to bolster security without hindering business operations. 
  • Proactive Action: With a dynamic baseline that evolves with the threat landscape, Veriti’s platform enables organizations to proactively preempt threats with informed precision. 

Collaboration and Strategic Prioritization in Threat Exposure Management with Veriti 

Veriti fosters a culture of collaboration, breaking down silos and fostering a consolidated approach to exposure management. This collaborative spirit is vital in the CTEM process where cross-functional teams work together to track, manage, and remediate exposures. 

Moreover, Veriti’s prioritization methodology transcends traditional models by considering factors like exploit prevalence, control integrity, mitigation options, and business criticality. This ensures that remediation efforts are in line with the organization’s most pressing business priorities. 

Veriti: A Strategic Ally in Threat Exposure Management 

Recognized as a sample vendor for Gartner’s Automated Exposure Identification and Remediation (AEIR) and in its Market Guide for Vulnerability Assessment (as a Vulnerability Prioritization Technology), Veriti’s expertise and visionary stance in the CTEM domain are indisputable. The platform is more than a mere tool; it is a strategic ally that empowers businesses to streamline their security operations, reducing friction in approval and implementation processes, and ensuring robust and agile cross-team approval workflows. With Veriti, organizations can ensure that their security operations are not only robust and agile but also perfectly in sync with their continuous threat exposure management strategies. 

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