As New Regulations Make Way, Veriti is Here to Stay 

by | Nov 14, 2023

Healthcare can’t seem to stay out of the news. Published by The Wall Street Journal , New York regulators plan to issue cybersecurity regulations for hospitals due to frequent cyberattacks on medical facilities. The proposed rules, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, require hospitals to develop and test incident response plans, assess cybersecurity risks, implement security technologies like multi-factor authentication, and establish secure software practices. These measures aim to protect sensitive patient and staff data, as we all know healthcare facilities often face ransomware attacks.

Hospitals and their IT/security administrators must not only comply with these forthcoming regulations but also proactively fortify their defenses against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. This is where Veriti steps in as a crucial ally.

Veriti consolidates, proactively monitors, and remediates security gaps and misconfigurations in mission-critical healthcare systems. In an industry where uptime is not just a matter of efficiency but a critical factor in saving lives, keeping critical systems up and running smoothly is paramount. Veriti ensures that these systems are not just operational but also secure, thereby eliminating gaps in patient care.

Veriti’s integration with healthcare provider security infrastructure anticipates and neutralizes security gaps and hidden threats without impacting operations. This seamless integration means that healthcare providers can maintain their focus on patient care, trusting that their cybersecurity is managed effectively and efficiently.

Key Features of Veriti’s Consolidated Security Platform for Hospitals:

Comprehensive Security Analysis:

Veriti provides real-time visibility into the risk posture of healthcare systems. It effectively converts recommendations from multiple security tools into actionable remediation plans. This comprehensive analysis is crucial for hospitals to understand their security landscape and take informed steps towards strengthening it.

Virtual Patching:

One of Veriti’s standout features is virtual patching. This allows hospitals to protect their critical systems from exploitation even before the official patch release. In a sector where every second counts, the ability to preemptively secure systems against potential vulnerabilities is invaluable.

Non-Disruptive Remediation:

Perhaps most importantly, Veriti’s approach to remediation is non-disruptive. This means that addressing vulnerabilities and mitigating risks occurs without any impact on patient care. In the healthcare sector, where any system downtime can have dire consequences, this approach ensures that patient care remains uninterrupted while maintaining the highest security standards.

As hospitals and healthcare facilities strive to comply with evolving cybersecurity regulations and protect sensitive patient data, Veriti emerges not just as a solution, but as a strategic partner in this endeavor. Its capabilities in proactive monitoring, comprehensive security analysis, virtual patching, and non-disruptive remediation make it an essential tool for the healthcare industry.

Moreover, Veriti goes a step further by offering a no-cost Security Controls Assessment (SCA). This service provides an invaluable opportunity for healthcare organizations to gauge their cybersecurity readiness with minimal investment in time and resources. The assessment involves a straightforward, 30-minute agentless setup, culminating in a detailed security posture score along with actionable insights. This assessment allows hospitals to understand their current security standing and make informed decisions on how to enhance their cybersecurity measures effectively.

With Veriti’s innovative approach, healthcare providers can ensure that their focus remains steadfast on delivering uninterrupted, high-quality patient care, while also maintaining robust defenses against cyber threats. By integrating Veriti into their cybersecurity strategy, hospitals are not only adhering to regulatory requirements but are also taking proactive steps to safeguard their operations and, most importantly, their patients.

To learn more about security controls assessment, download Veriti’s whitepaper that explores Automated Security Control Assessments (ASCA) as a pivotal tool for professionals who seek to address risk exposure reduction systematically and preempt threats. It’s an invaluable guide for those looking to enhance their cybersecurity strategy and protect their healthcare facilities effectively.

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